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What people are saying…

Women of Power

The G-Glo Total Reboot Cleanse has been approved by Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman, Ph.D., New York Times best-selling author of “The Fat Flush” & “Zapped”.

“The 10 day transformational G-Glo Reboot has been lovingly and meticulously created by Ami Beach, my highly esteemed health and beauty associate. Each recipe has been perfectly balanced to be delicious yet alkalizing and nutritious. Every detail was taken into consideration when creating this magnificent cleanse. The end result? Clearer thinking, a cleaner and lighter body with luminous spirits that overcome the environmental challenges of the modern day. Brava Detox Diva, Brava.”

Before and AfterBefore and After 

Ami after completing 3 day G-Glo Juice Feast. Lost 8 pounds and feels trim and vibrant.

G-glo Before and After Chris fBefore and After

Chris F. lost 80 pounds after 6 months eating according to the Total Reboot Program and Juice feasting.

“This cleanse was just what I needed to jump start my lifestyle change towards healthy eating. It’s made it infinitely easier to pick healthier food menus. It never left me hungry, nor did I crave beyond what I was allowed to eat. Most of the meals I still eat sometime throughout the week just because they taste so yummy. I lost 9 lbs in 10 days doing this program and feel so inspired by the outcome. I love the Total Reboot Cleanse and found it so easy to follow! I give this cleanse 5 stars!”

“I have done the Blue Print Cleanse, Organic Avenues in NYC, and several others in the local area and the G-Glow is seriously the best tasting and most effective fast I have ever completed. I got though the 3 day Transformational Cleanse effortlessly and dropped 8 pounds, which I was able to keep off. Ami rocks & supported me and inspired me every step of the way. So glad I added the extra detox support, it made all the difference.

~ Mandy H., New Haven, CT

I never have done anything like this in my life and had many reservation going into the cleanse. I was afraid the juices would be unpleasant, that I would starve and not be able to keep up with my daily workouts or go to work. To my pleasant surprise by the end of the 5 day cleanse, I feel in love with the tastes of each and every drink. The AM MORNING TONIC was my favorite but I learned to love them all. I found by day 3, I was not only NOT hungry but I had more energy that when I was eating. I slept better than I had in years and no snoring for the first time. I give this experience a 10 and I absolutely recommend it to any one who wants to talk their health to the next level. I am a G-glo believer!

~James F., Fairfield, CT