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Juice Feast FAQ

  • G-glo Juice Feast
  • G-glo Juice Feast
  • G-glo Juice Feast
  • G-glo Juice Feast
  • G-glo Juice Feast

Program Overview | Juices and Ingredients | Juice Feast Pricing | Juice Feast FAQ | Juice Feast Instructions | Alkaline / Acid Chart

Juicing: Ready, Set, Glo!

About G-glo Juice feast

Welcome to the G-glo Juice Feast— all liquid, organic, and fresh-pressed. This customized juice cleanse is our tried-and-true fasting program, perfected over the last decade in our private nutrition/detox practice. We have successfully guided hundreds of men and woman though this exact formulation, helping them achieve optimal weight, vitality and rejuvenation with this gentle—yet powerful—fasting cleanse.

The G-glo Juice Feast has been endorsed by Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, and NY Times Best Selling author of the “FAT FLUSH.”
Here’s what Dr. Ann Louise says about the G-glo Juice Feast:

“The Three Day Transformational juice cleanse has been lovingly & meticulously created by Ami Beach Shadle, my highly esteemed health and beauty associate. The organic juices extracted with the most effective method for enzyme and phytonutrient potency. Each juice has been specifically chosen for the specific time of the day and every and every detail was taken into consideration when creating this magnificent cleanse. The end result? Clearer thinking, a cleaner body with luminous spirits that overcome the environmental challenges of the modern day.”

What is it called a Juice Feast?

Fasting is not about deprivation but exactly the opposite: You are feasting and feeding your body with nutrient-dense, organic, fresh pressed juices, and live plant and fruit enzymes which nourish every cell in your body from the core. It is the single most decadent and important thing you can do for your entire being, body and mind.

Why Juice fast/feast?

The world is moving lightening fast. Information is coming at us from every direction. Our central nervous systems are on overdrive and we are taking in toxins in our food, water and atmosphere that are being absorbed into our precious body faster than we can eliminate them. By shutting down the digestive process for a few days (3 or more days is ideal) and nourishing it with only the fresh, organic juices—and by eliminating all fats and proteins from the diet, you are able to give your body a much needed rest. Your body’s energy reserves can then concentrate on healing and regenerating the cells from a core level, ultimately rebooting your entire immune system. The raw juices and medicinal enhancers are formulated to gently detoxify your body while also revitalizing your whole system, and help repair the body from environmental toxicity that surrounds us on a daily basis.

What makes G-glo juices so special?

The organic, fresh pressed juice boxes are are custom juiced with over 80 pounds of organic fruits and vegetables per 3 day juice box. We use no water, fillers or additives and use 100% organic ingredients only. We use a state-of-the-art hydraulic juice press which leaves the juices in their most nutrient-dense state. We have carefully added medicinal elixirs and super foods to the juices to enhance your experience like colloidal silver, zeolite, oxygenated cell foods, blue green algae, aloe vera and wheat grass. They are custom-blended to stabilize your blood sugar level and allow you to get through the cleanse with grace and ease. The juices are absolutely delicious, satisfying and hydrating. Along with the high integrity of juice extraction, we also package the juices in air tight glass mason jars to ensure that the juices stay intact and with optimal freshness and nutrients for up to 5 days in the fridge.

What can I expect from this experience?

You will be provided with everything you need in order to complete this fast successfully and with complete ease. For example, if you have signed up for our most popular 3 day Transformation Juice Feast, you will pick up from our location a custom juice box with your complete juice intake for the 3 days along with our own G-glo medicinal detox and bowel cleaning teas. Your juices will be numbered and you will receive a full set of instructions. The morning you awake to begin your cleanse you will start with the salt water flush (on directions) and begin your morning with Juices 1, 2, 3, 4. It’s that easy. You can give yourself permission to take time to nourish yourself and let the juices do the rest. If you need to travel or work during the cleanse, just make sure to take them in a cooler when traveling to and from your destination and keep them in the fridge.

Benefits from Juice Fasting:

  • Reboot metabolism & immune system
  • Lose weight and improved digestion
  • Increase energy
  • Improved mental clarity
  • Cellular detoxification of blood & organs
  • Improved skin clarity and complexion
  • Improve assimilation & elimination
  • Lose the excess bulge around the waist
  • Alleviate inflammation & alkalize ph levels
  • A sense of wellbeing & accomplishment
  • Develop a new relationship with food

First time Fast?

Ami offers phone, email and text support before, during and after the cleanse for an additional fee. This is a priceless service for the reassurance that you have a detox specialist ready and willing to answer your questions and concerns.

How often should I fast?

It is highly beneficial to complete at least a 3-Day fast 1 time seasonally, 4 times a year, for optimal health. Another powerful way of helping the body heal is to complete a 1-Day fast once a week or every other week. Even shutting down the system on a cleansing diet (try our “Get Raw & Reboot 1-Day Fast”) just 1 time/week can have an accumulative and profound effect on ones over all health and wellbeing. Some of our Long term clients complete our 5-Day cleanse bi-monthly with astonishing results, even reversing many of their health challenges though the juice feasting.

Can I fast and continue workouts?

The short answer is YES— however, take it easy. Gentle forms like yoga, light workouts, walking and rebounding are wonderful. The more time you give you body to rest and be still, the more benefits you will receive.

What kind of activities are beneficial before, during & after the fast?

  • Infrared saunas treatments
  • Ionic footbath
  • Castor oil packs
  • Epsom salt bath
  • Massage full body/abdominal massage
  • Dry skin brushing
  • Colonics and bowel cleansing
  • Rebounding
  • Walking
  • 20 mins of sunshine
  • Visualization techniques
  • Meditation

What should I eat before and after the FAST?

A couple of days prior to beginning your cleanse, it is a good idea to start eliminating coffee, alcohol, dairy, red meat, sugar, white flour and bread products. Maximizing fruits, vegetables, and whole grains will make the transition into your cleanse much easier!
For more info, please visit and click on the beneficial foods list.

Click here to read Juicing Instructions.