Menopause Mavens

Menopause Mavens: Master the Mystery of Menopause!


In ages past, the fire circle offered the support we needed, but those days are long gone, unless you and your family of women have all of the facts you need, shared around that big table at Starbucks… If you are like most of us, though, the power of women, together, has gotten lost somewhere along the way, and Menopause Mavens: Mastering the Mystery of Menopause is the closest thing to the sacred circle we have.

Get ready for stories from the heart—tales woven from the heartstrings of my friends and I—mixed together with expert solutions, and the natural remedies that bring healing power to this often difficult transition. Our power as divinely feminine beings comes from connection, and together we can make this easier to cope with, and even create the type of transformation we all dream of. Join us in mastering the mystery of menopause

Product Description

This collaborative book, written by the Menopause Mavens including Author Ami Beach, was born to make menopause a little easier, smooth the bumps, and bring the insight of the group to the tribe of women who need to be in in the conversation. A brilliant and insightful book for all woman kind!