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Food Gallery

Welcome to G-glo Food Gallery. I wanted to show the exotic beauty & elegance of 100 percent “Raw and Living” cuisine that is as decadent & delicious as any cooked gourmet food, yet 100 times more nutritious. Whether it is a sultry “Live” cashew cheesecake, Raw enchilada or a Raw Juice, these “uncooked & unprocessed” foods actually feed the soul with nutrient dense vitamins and minerals that cannot compare to cooked or processed foods. If you are interested in trying any of these ‘”to live for” dishes please visit us at in Branford CT or contact me for private catering options or food demos.

Let your inner Glo reveal itself by nurturing the body with Raw, plant-based cuisine and your authentic self will soar to new heights. Experience the power of Raw in every area of your life, health & vitality.

All of these signature recipes are 100 gluten-free, soy-free, dairy free, grain-free & sugar-free & made from organic ingredients.

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